Brande | Business design agency


We design tomorrow’s market where companies change the world with sustainable, value-based business – and at the same time succeed better.


We are a business design agency with vision.

Brande’s concept is unique. We are lead by design thinking which is combined with the expertise of our multi-talent team. Business design is a method that unites the most important aspects of business – strategy, design, digital and human. To support development, we will always gather insight of the market and customers with our own, agile operating model.

We build
success stories.

Our strength is in a team. We have expertise in business, design, leading and inspiring people, communications, visual design and digital execution.

Our clients are experts in their field. They have market potential, the desire to grow and to add value to their business.

We make new
visible fast.

New business is real only when it is visible and it has customers. With us, all development is quickly taken into practice, and therefore results start coming in right away. We operate in three stages, constantly developing the previous one.

Brande's story

Brande is built on creative business expertise. The first beats of the story were composed in the late 2000s when Jari Palonen, who has created a decade-long career in the music business as an entrepreneur, became aware of the lack of business skills among many of the top professionals in his field.

”I had spent years away touring when I came back to check on my old academy. I was amazed to find musicians much more talented than me still there. It ended up changing my whole life – my mission became to harness first-class expertise and potential into success stories”, Brande’s CEO, Jari Palonen, recalls.

At the beginning the company did personal coaching where business thinking was added to substance expertise. The method soon became interesting for companies as well, which inspired him to take the budding idea of business design even further.

The core quickly realized as design thinking and a multi-talent team of experts from different fields, which helped create a rich, extensive view of the client’s business. There was also a desire to involve customers in the work in a new kind of way.

The end result is Brande’s own, unique way to develop business.
”During the last decade, the method has been refined even further by colleagues and the hundreds of clients we have been lucky enough to work with”, Palonen says.

”Now, at the dawn of the 2020s, business design is a more widely spread method. It is strong message that we have really got something.”