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Design clarifies the strategy into a visible goal. It harmonises the internal view and builds the external appeal of the business.

Design is a carefully designed emotional experience between business and people


Design services

  • brand development
  • service design
  • industrial design
  • space and furniture design

your strategy.


Visualising and verbalising strategy are effective ways to sharpen your shared vision. Few of us become inspired by the company’s annual report, but a few, carefully selected quotes from the important, shared goals – visually presented as well – seize attention.

Visual crystallization of your company’s superiority and future ensures that the whole team is working for the same goal.

Design is a strategic art that allows us to create carefully designed, fascinating user interfaces to experience a business.

Sami Kuusisto

Head of Design

Call the world
to be brand ambassadors.


A strong brand is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of business. Developing it requires long-term commitment, and there’s no use dreaming of instant victories. A good, strong brand is not built alone – it is created through interaction with your audience.

We reach the heart of the brand when we ask those we want to follow the brand.

Design an unforgettable
customer experience.


In the 2020s, people seamlessly combine digital and physical interfaces to perform different functions. Searching for information, learning, benchmarking and communication are all done at the same time and in different channels. Therefore, it is important to be able to design a user experience to strengthen a positive brand image and harness the entire service path as a development environment for your operations.

Design Checklist – for ensuring that design supports your business

1. Is design part of your strategy?
By harnessing design from the very beginning of business development, you ensure that you are developing something with a purpose – a product or a service that is needed.

2. Has your business been visualised?
Crystallizing your business into a clear image will ensure that your own superiority is crystal clear and inspires others to get involved.

3. Do you actively create a strong brand?
A strong brand is born in people's minds. Engage people in your brand development and send it out into the world to grow.