Making the world a better place one ship at a time

Making the world a better place one ship at a time

Clean flow. The success story that is Sammet Dampers Oy can be summarized in two words. It is not about linguistic flourish, since the core of the business is high-quality clean techonology.

"A few dozen of the biggest ships in the world release almost as much sulfur into the atmosphere as car traffic as a whole."

Mikko Sammasmaa,
Sammet Dampers Oy

Clean flow thinking is accelerating Sammet Dampers' internationalization

Sammet Dampers Oy manufactures, among other things, dampers for exhaust gas cleaning in industry and shipping to improve the energy efficiency of plants and ocean vessels.

The company, founded in 1984, has grown from an engineering business into a clean tech partner. 90 % of the products are exported, some directly and some through Finnish client companies.

– Clean flow is not something made-up – making these processes better has a huge impact, Mikko Sammasmaa, the marketing manager of Sammet Dampers, says.


Growth demands clear communication

The internationalization began already in the 1990s, but it got new a surge of energy in the spring of 2019 with the company’s new production plant that was opened in China.

At the same time it became clear that growth also demanded a leap into a better strategy, brand appearance and digital communication.

– We got a lot out of outside help in verbalising and structuring our message. The situation is surely typical of many growth companies – and it’s important to realize that you need outside help to move forward, Sammasmaa summarizes.



“Brande has expertise in concepts, content, visual communication and marketing – and on top of that, an interesting and functional technical platform. It’s rare to get expertise like this under one roof.”

Business design agency Brande helped to design and clarify Sammet’s core messages through strategy, design and digital. The most visible form of collaboration was Sammet’s new digital environment in spring 2019.

– What really speaks to me in business design is, especially, the core idea that business is developed as a whole, not just some one aspect of it, Sammasmaa characterizes.

Nothing less would have satisfied the company.

– It was clear from the very beginning that with this growth speed, a mere facelift wouldn’t cut it. We wanted to be able to truly communicate who we are and where we are going.

Finnish text: Annika Rantanen