We are the partner for management in the changing market where each business must develop their operations or create new business. We help identify the best potential and develop the organisation’s ability to do better business.

It is our passion to help you rethink your business

We believe that all organisations have untapped potential. Finding it is valuable, for the world is changing faster than ever before. It is better to lead the change than to watch from the sidelines.

Business design combines effectively business, brand and technology opportunities as well as genuine human needs and know-how. Through business design, business becomes more profitable from the very beginning, not just at the end of the process. 

BUSINESS. Strategy. Concept. Business model. Finance.
DESIGN. Brand. Service design. Industrial design.
DIGITAL. Digital strategy. Digital services. Digital media. Websites.
HUMAN. Customer insight. Happy organization. Changing thinking and action. Training.

”Business design has been a journey where we have learnt how to manage the international market and how much potential we truly have to sell our expertise and service more extensively.”

Helena Länsimies
Kuopio University Hospital

Our equation for success



The best solutions require the best ingredients. We will acquire customer and market insight with the agile operating model we have developed.

We involve. We solve. We bring insight.



We boldly challenge familiar solutions. We find the kind of new that brings our clients superiority. We design unique business models, services and ways of working.

We model. We test. We refine.



Our goal is to excite both personnel and customers. The only way to refine a solution is through interaction. This is why we help businesses enter the market quickly and develop step by step.

We visualise. We verbalise. We mentor.

True insight requires listening and above all the skills to analyse

We master the methods of acquiring data to support business decisions. However, it is relevant to understand that data by itself is not enough. It is also necessary to have the ability to build a vision by analysing and interpreting the data correctly. We have that ability.

Arto Kuuluvainen
Head of Insight

A new perspective is the sum of insight, excitement and boldness

It is good to build a new perspective of the business model, service, brand and exciting both personnel and customers based on true insight. Our goal is to encourage something greater that allows the true potential to show. 

Jari Palonen
Strategy and concepts

Outstanding execution is interaction

New business exists only after it has been made visible and it has customers. It is refined through interaction. This is why we encourage entering the market quickly and developing step by step. This way the new business is profitable already during development.

Saana Corino
Training manager and public relations