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Strategy harnesses a company’s true potential into competitiveness. It tells you why the customer buys from us and not from a competitor.

First-class business doesn’t come from only first-class expertise


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a shared vision.


Strategy is often thought to define ways to achieve goals. However, it is even more important that it depicts the company’s own – unique – position in the world. If a company cannot communicate their purpose to their employees and customers, it is missing something essential.

A successful strategy excites and creates a shared vision and direction. With Brande, building a strategy is based on understanding the client’s business and working with their senior management and board to expand their way of thinking.

Purpose is the word of the day. If a company cannot communicate their purpose to their employees and customers, it is missing something essential.

Jari Palonen

CEO, Business designer

Create a lasting
competitive advantage.


The business model is the cornerstone of a unique business. A well-constructed business concept is difficult to copy because it consists of a number of carefully thought-out choices. We will help you create a lasting competitive advantage, whether you need to develop existing business or create something completely new.

With us, the business model is built on a continuum of strategy work. In addition to the key personnel, customers and when necessary, the company’s entire staff are involved.

Ensure the resources
for growth.


Nothing significant can be achieved without sufficient resources. Prerequisites for external financing include a proven business model, a well-grounded growth plan and a first-class team. Brande's expertise helps with financial planning and financing arrangements with venture capitalists, credit institutions and public financiers.

Strategy Checklist – for the strategic planning of your business

1. Does your company hold a unique position in the world?
Finding your place in the market minimizes the impact of competition and maximizes your chances of success.

2. Do you offer customers a clear reason to choose you?
By understanding your customers better and building overwhelming customer benefits, you give them a reason to choose you.

3. Do you share a vision for where you’re going?
By giving your team a better reason to come to work, you commit and inspire people to go above and beyond.