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Developing business begins with understanding it. With us, results are based on information and genuine customer needs.

Results are achieved with information, not guessing


Insight services

  • stakeholder and personnel survey
  • customer insight
  • digital analysis
  • sales insight
  • financial analysis

Outline your organization’s
internal views.


A strategic personnel survey is a tool which helps us outline how the client’s personnel sees the company and their starting point. At the same time we involve key people in the development and build an overall picture of staff satisfaction.

We master the methods used to collect data to support business decisions. It is essential to understand that data itself will not do anything. You also require the ability to construct a view by analyzing and interpreting it correctly. 

Tuulia Lindqvist

Create growth
through customer insight.


What makes a customer buy from us? As we build stakeholder insight, we create a clear picture of the current state of the organization's customer relationships and how they can be expanded.

At the same time we gather information about expectations for future products and services.

Develop digital
agilely through insight.


Our digital analysis illuminates the success of a company or organization in digital environments and social media. Analyzing the analytics and key data will be refined into a concrete development proposal with Brande's experts.

Develop sales


Brande’s experts will go through the client’s sales process comprehensively when building sales insight. We will find the bottlenecks in sales and the most important areas for development.

Based on the sales insight, we will create a development plan to take our client’s sales to the next level.

Recognize opportunities and risks.


The financial analysis examines the most important customer ratios: cash flow, profitability, cost structure, financing needs and solvency. Based on these, we build an analysis of the current situation and identify business risks and growth opportunities.

Insight Checklist – we offer answers to, for example, these questions

1. What criteria will determine your customer's purchasing decision?

2. How does your personnel think your business should evolve?

3. Which digital channels will reach your customers?

4. How well is your pricing optimized?

5. What aspects should you develop in sales?